About Us

SMART cancer centres (SCC) are a new and innovative UK based company that allow the NHS to access the most advanced radiotherapy treatment equipment without any capital outlay.

Based on a fully managed service offering, SCC will deliver all building works, installation, commissioning, training and ongoing support to allow rapid clinical integration of the latest MRI guided, Linear Accelerator the MRIdian system from ViewRay Inc.

Adaptive, MRI guided radiotherapy is a disruptive technology enabling NHS patients to benefit from the most sophisticated treatments available and allows clinicians to deliver fewer high doses of radiation to increasingly smaller and more well defined tumours, tracking their position in real time.

Visionary Oncology from SMART Cancer Centres!



Our Vision

SMART CC is a company that is dedicated to providing the NHS with solutions in delivering the best cancer care in the UK. By partnering with an NHS Trust we:

  1. Provide the latest state of the art technology
  2. Align the capital outlays with the delivery of care
  3. Offer continual training and education for the clinical and care team
  4. Lead research and refine the delivery of care and patient experience, we ensure that collectively SMART CC and the NHS is providing the best quality of cancer care to as many people as possible

Our Philosophy is patient centric care that is evidence based, integrated into current operations, and transparent to all. Visionary Oncology from SMART Cancer Centres

The Founders

Introduction to the founders of SMART Cancer Centres

The founders of SMART Cancer Centres have totalled over a 100 years of collective experience in the healthcare industry firstly developing concepts from execution to operation and secondly to building and growing the business, each brings the required skills that provide a pathway for success. It is upon this foundation that they came together in 2016 to launch a new disruptive radiotherapy technology with a disruptive business model aimed at giving cancer patients access to this novel technology globally. To this end SMART Cancer Centres was created and is now set for considerable growth to the benefit of patients, hospitals, professionals and our investors.

Mr. Nick Stevens

Nick has created many businesses in the UK all of which involve developing or introducing new medical technologies in the fields of diagnostic and therapeutic Oncology and Urology. He understands how to create a path to market for innovative technologies.

Jeevan Virk

Jeevan started his career in pharmaceutical sales organizations. He has worked on a number of successful start-ups, which have been acquired through trade sales. He has a strong interest in disruptive healthcare innovation.

David Knott

David is a 30+ year healthcare industry veteran with multiple start-ups and corporate development experience globally. He has developed many innovative turnkey healthcare projects and over the past 9 years has focused on Oncology.


The Technology

MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy, Now with a LINAC MRIdian® Linac is ViewRay’s latest breakthrough technology. This next generation radiotherapy technology integrates a 6 MV linac with 0.35 T MRI technology in a compact design, together with our proprietary software to locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors while the radiation is delivered. The MRIdian Linac can provide continuous MR based soft-tissue imaging during linac-based radiation treatment. It builds on the success of the MRIdian® system, the world’s first and only clinical MRI guided radiation therapy system that can image and treat simultaneously with no additional imaging dose to the patient. MRIdian Linac offers a clinically proven on-table MRI-guided adaptive, automated and integrated treatment planning system that uses a linac to deliver modulated radiation therapy. MRIdian Linac uses the same split-magnet MRI system used in the MRIdian and is designed to fit in standard radiotherapy vaults replacing X-ray guided linear accelerators.


Clinical Advisory Team

Dr Anna Bruynzeel Radiation Oncologist; MD, PhD

Since 2012 Anna ME Bruynzeel has been a radiation oncologist at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her areas of interest are neuro-oncology, gastrointestinal tract oncology, stereotactic ablative radiotherapy and MR-guided radiotherapy. The latter has recently been introduced in clinical practice using the MRIdian system. Anna belongs to the core team developing protocols and performing MR- guided adaptive treatment including patients with locally advanced pancreatic tumors, prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

Dr Frank Lagerwaard Radiation Oncologist; MD, PhD.

Since 2002 Frank J Lagerwaard has been a Radiation Oncologist at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His areas of interest are neuro-oncology, intracranial radiosurgery, extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy, lung cancer and MR-guided radiotherapy. After the implementation of the 4D CT scans and RapidArc treatment planning and delivery, his team recently implemented MR-guided radiotherapy using the MRIdian system at his department. Since early May 2016, the team have been treating patients with prostate cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer using stereotactic MR-guided adaptive radiation therapy.

James Lamb, Ph.D.Dr. Lamb is an Assistant Professor the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology and Lead Physicist for UCLA’s ViewRay service.

He is certified in Radiation Therapy Physics by the American Board of Radiology. He received his doctorate in experimental high-energy particle physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2009 and completed postdoctoral training in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Washington University in Saint Louis. He is author or co-author of over 40 peer-reviewed research publications and 2 book chapters. His interests include MRI-guided radiotherapy, respiratory-correlated imaging, and automation and data mining for quality and safety in radiotherapy.


What is SMART ?

SMART is an acronym which is attributed to work done by the oncology team at the VU university Medical Centre in Amsterdam with the use of their MRIdian system having started a clinical service in April 2016. SMART stands for: S – stereotactic (referring to precise positioning in three-dimensional space) M – MR-guided (utilising magnetic resonance imaging to ensure correct delivery of a radiotherapy plan) A – adaptive (daily adaptation of the plan to fit to the tumour volume and the organs-at-risk) R – radio/ radiation T – therapy The use of a SMART technique embraces a truly on-line approach where with the use of the MRIdian system can ensure a “plan of the day” is delivered. SMART Cancer Centres will follow similar approaches to the early pioneers elsewhere in Europe and the US to bring state-of-the-art radiotherapy delivery to the UK.



Contacting Us

Please contact us at info@smartcc.uk.com