Why Smart

SMART Cancer Centres is a privately held operations group that provides integrated development and delivery services around the Viewray MRIdian technology. In essence providing a creative financial platform (shared revenue or managed equipment service) that allows the NHS and other healthcare providers to mitigate the financial risk or at minimum spread the cost over a specific term or period of time (10 years or more). Further it provides turnkey approach to project development and clinical integration that de-risk the project by ensuring the system and programme is operational on time and with-in budget. Our turnkey business approach involves:

  • Project Financing
  • Managed Equipment Service options
  • Shared Risk/Reward
  • Project Development and Management
  • Marketing and Branding (Local and Global)



De-risking offers:

  • Research participation
  • Operational Support on site (as required)
  • Physics commissioning and QA support
  • Clinical Fellow (sign off treatment plans)
  • Continual training for staff for term of agreement
  • Engineering and project enabling works

Site Planning Guidelines

Successful site planning requires a thorough evaluation of the impact of the equipment on the surrounding environment and the impact of the environment on the performance of the therapy equipment. THE SYSTEM The MRIdian® System for Radiation Therapy is a single medical device for radiation therapy that combines a magnetic resonance imaging system (MRIS) for image guidance, with a 6MV Linear Accelerator. The system is designed so that the imaging and radiotherapy fields of view coincide, permitting imaging of the patient at the radiotherapy isocenter before and during treatment. These imaging and radiation delivery systems are designed to operate together as the MRIdian system for accurate targeted administration of radiation therapy. RADIATION PROTECTION A qualified medical physicist and RPA must assess the design and suitability of the shielding and then correspond with the applicable radiation safety authority or equivalent agency regarding the acceptability of the planned shielding.




MAGNETIC RESONANCE Because magnetic resonance imaging devices use radio waves to generate soft-tissue images of patients, the site for the device requires radio frequency shielding. In addition, the site requires radiation shielding designed specifically for the MRIdian system. Patients and personnel outside the treatment area must be shielded from the effects of magnetic fields 0.5 mT and greater, and radiation above background levels. MRI systems can be sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that is caused by electrical equipment transformers and motors, as well as any large moving metal objects, such as subways, trains, or elevators. COLLABORATION SMART Cancer Centres will work with you to develop a site plan and workflow process that include the following:

  • Conducting a site evaluation and readiness assessment
  • Conducting a site evaluation and readiness assessment
  • Developing a project work scope and floor plan
  • Developing a project schedule
  • Project management assistance and inspections throughout the length of the Project, including a final inspection for site readiness prior to delivery.


Site Planning Guide – L-0008-REVJ-2016.03.18.pdf (24MB)

Linac installation addendum – L-0008_Rev_J_SPG_-_Addendum_1_-_LINAC_Requirements_4-26-16.pdf

Test Vault – mv_test_vault_01-14-16.pdf



Ideal bunker design (image)


Contacting Us

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