27 Sept 2017

Seeing is Believing – Cutting-edge MRI-guided Radiotherapy from SMART Cancer Centres

Real-time, Real Life, Real Benefit

Radiation therapy has seen significant advances over recent years, however until now clinicians have been unable to see tumours in real-time when administering radiotherapy, with imagining only available before or after treatment. This can result in soft tissue and organ damage during radiotherapy and subsequent unpleasant side effects, as well as the inability to administer the intended dose of radiation.

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11th August 2017

Reducing the margin of error: MRI-guided radiotherapy Say it quietly, but there’s a radiotherapy revolution coming says Cancer Research UK.

Doctors are on their way to developing a kinder, more effective approach for delivering radiotherapy.

And in the process they hope to spare patients time and side effects, and the NHS cash.

To do this they’re combining imaging techniques that see inside patients, such as MRI, with radiotherapy machines that deliver treatment.

In doing so they can pinpoint the tumour with supreme accuracy, and target radiotherapy to exactly where it needs to go.

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26th July 2017

Two clinical presentations that were given at the recent IEL RT conference on the implementation of MRI based adaptive radiotherapy are now on line at:

  1. Practical implementation of MR-guided RT: pancreatic SBRT as an example site.  Anna Bruynzeel, MD PhD, Dept. of Radiation Oncology. VU University medical center Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Pre-conditions and hurdles in initiating a MR-guided (adaptive) radiation therapy programme: Lessons learned. Dr Frank Lagerwaard Radiation Oncologist; MD, PhD. Radiation Oncologist


ESTRO 36. Vienna, Austria

May 5 – 9  2017

Visit ViewRay at Booth 400 to learn how MRI-guidance is shaping the world of radiation therapy. See the in-booth presentation schedule here.

Attend the ViewRay Satellite Symposium on Sunday, May 7 at 1:15pm to hear first-hand clinical experience with the MRIdian® system.

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Consultation on Specialised Services clinical commissioning policies and service specifications

June 9  2017